Dogs living on the streets in the Yucatan, Mexico, face many health issues and environmental challenges.  With sterilization not being a common practice there, the overpopulation of animals who cannot possibly find a home is staggering.  They exist, scavenge, starve and fight everyday to stay alive on  the streets…so many of them, in fact, that to many people they become simply invisible.  It’s not uncommon to see dogs in every parking lot, outside of every store, in the medians of streets, and countless along the highways searching for a meal.  Additionally, the climate is humid and many dogs who are homeless develop common skin issues such as mange and skin infections, and many dogs must overcome this after being rescued.  Many unsterilized dogs will also fall victim to a contagious sexually transmitted tumor known as TVT, which can be prevalent in street dog populations but is treatable with chemotherapy.  It is very important to rescue and rehabilitate these dogs, as it can easily be spread and causes great pain and death if left untreated.

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