TNR & Kitten Rescue

So many cats and kittens are suffering out there living feral, stray and abandoned lives… Lost Dog Foundation has been working to help these at-risk cats since 2016. We first began this cat trapping journey when our own neighborhood became overrun with feral cats and multiple litters of kittens…it can happen in such a short time, and you must take immediate action if you want to help control the population! An average life span of a feral cat is short and filled with desperation and danger…please get involved to make a difference.

LDF assists the neediest animals with medical care and combats cat overpopulation via spay/neuter and Trap-Neuter-Return. This includes: holistic goal of identifying feral colonies, sterilizing/vaccinating, aiding low income pet owners, community education/outreach and rehabbing/homing strays.

Our work includes locating and identifying families and colonies of feral cats whether in industrial areas, shopping centers, or in neighborhoods. They are literally everywhere. Since 2020, just our two person TNR trapping team spayed/neutered and vaccinated more than 650 feral cats in the metro Richmond area and surrounding counties (Chesterfield and Henrico counties). Because of our extensive trapping efforts, we have been able to rescue more than 120 kittens in 2020 and 148 in 2021 from having to live on the street as homeless babies. All of these kittens were also spayed and neutered before adoption, bringing our spay/neuter numbers even higher. Taming the kittens, fostering them, and finding good loving homes is a lot of work for us but we know that each small effort is saving many lives.

Much of our work also involves community outreach, and it’s an important part as residents usually are desperate for help or have no idea what to do about stray cats. We can often sizably decrease the number of cats in a colony through a combination of TNR and rescue, and educate a caretaker on better and responsible management of the cats. Often times, we are called on to provide medical assistance and urgent care ‘in the field’ and we do our best to save the cat and secure treatment as soon as possible. Funds are always needed for this urgent care and life saving intervention. Contact us if you can join our team either as a trapper for TNR, for community outreach and education or as an approved foster home! Sponsorship opportunities also exist for ‘Feral Day’ surgeries at a local clinic for a group of local homeless ferals, reach out to us if you can be a valuable sponsor!